Chapullin' Blues #direngezi

Yazan: Unknown Yazdığı Tarih: 9 Haziran 2013 Pazar | 6/09/2013

Chapullin' Blues #direngezi
Woke up this morning, put on my shoes
Today is the day when I pay my dues
I'm feeling, feel them chapullin' blues

People are shoutin', walkin' hand in hand 
Tryin make other people understand
They're all feeling, feeling the chapullin' blues

You got your Pepper spray, and your water cannons
You can beat me as much as you want but you won't see me runnin'
You're facing, facing the chapullin' blues

You can hide the truth, and tell us lies
Pretend you can't see what's in front of your eyes
Well You got it coming, you're gonna face the chapullin' blues

You know, Chapulling ain't bad, 
Best kind of feeling that you may ever have
Feel them, oh feel them chapullin' blues

note: Ripped off Robert Johnson's Walkin' Blues